Training and Professional Development

Halloran Morrissey develops and delivers child protection training and professional development to organisations who have responsibilities for children. Halloran Morrissey’s training and professional development can cover topics such as child protection statutory reporting obligations, reportable conduct and allegations against employees, indicators of child abuse and neglect, working with children checks, risk management, duty of care.

Child Protection and Risk Management Advice

Halloran Morrissey can provide advice in relation to all aspects of child protection. Halloran Morrissey can provide crisis support and ongoing guidance in relation to child protection legislative responsibilities and associated risk management expectations. Halloran Morrissey can offer child protection advice and/or assistance with managing risks associated with a child protection emergencies such as having an employee charged with sex offences.


Halloran Morrissey specialises in conducting workplace investigations into allegations of reportable conduct, child abuse or misconduct. Halloran Morrissey has extensive experience investigating historical sexual abuse and serious child protection allegations against employees in line with the Children’s Guardian Act 2019. Halloran Morrissey has expertise in supporting organisations manage complaints including parent and student complaints.

Child Protection Audits

Halloran Morrissey can support organisations to become child safe. Halloran Morrissey’s audits of child protection practices and safeguarding measures assists organisations to understand its culture of safety, its areas of strength and areas in need of development.

Policy Development and Review

Halloran Morrissey can develop or review child protection and safeguarding policies for organisations who work with children, in line with relevant legislation and best practice safeguarding principles. Policies are tailored to the particular context of the organisation.


Halloran Morrissey offers a workplace mediation service to assist organisations to support staff who are in dispute. Mediation is a useful tool in giving parties more control over the way their dispute is dealt with and enables them to contribute to the outcome. Through the supported mediation process parties in dispute are able to safely explore their differences with a view to agreeing on a positive path forward to a more harmonious workplace.

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